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Question by Jenn ♥Cadence Jade’s mum♥: Weight Loss???
I really need some tips on loosing weight. I do weigh a lot for my height, but I dont look like I weight what I do. Still, I would like to loose about 20 lbs for now. I’m wondering if anyone could give me some good weight loss tips. I dont believe in dieting, but rather realistic lifestyle changes. Like eating healthier without depriving myself and still being about to eat the things I like in moderation. Is there a certain number of calories to consume in a day? I also would like some exercise ideas I could do at home. I hate the gym and with school I dont have time to go to one or the money. Any tips would be great…thanks.

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  1. ♥ Pawya! says:

    Girl I lost weight eating weight watchers or lean cusine I try to stay around 20 points and a little walking and you will drop weight

  2. invisible says:

    if your like me you love candy bars.. i substitute that for nutra grain bars and cereal bars.. also a salad before your meal will help you and drink plenty of water, juice, milk all good for you ..fruits and veggies a must and for the ex cerise just go for a walk or ride a bike if you don’t want to do that just dance around in the living room to some very fast music it worked for me i lost 20 in about 3 to 4 months

  3. Linda R says:

    To lose weight you have to take in less calories than you use.

    The number of calories you need to eat to maintain your weight (and under that you lose) is determined by your height and activity.

    Avoid processed foods. Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. For example, eat baked chicken breasts instead of chicken nuggets. Eat 5 or more fruits and vegetables a day. Cut out junk food and candy and soda.

    Exercise that makes you ALMOST out of breath for 20 minutes revs up your metabolism so you burn calories at a faster rate.

    Do not starve yourself. If you do that, your body thinks it is in a famine and SLOWS down the rate at which it burns calories.

    Eat three meals a day, and carefully chosen snacks two or three times a day.

    Learn to read nutrition labels. Look for low calorie, low fat, high fiber. Avoid transfats and hydrogenated oils.

  4. Emily says:

    As an overweight child i have had mush success with weight loss ( i was 150 at 5 foot) It would be very helpful if you checked out your bmi http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/bmicalc.htm and that will give u a general amount of weight you would need to use. I strongly advise going to see a nutritionist.

    As for eating habits http://www.mypyramid.gov/ this site will help you get an eating plan with cups and ounces of certain foods you should eat each day.

    Exercising, make sure you exercise for 60 minutes a day. Do exercises that make you sweat and bring up your heart rate. Walking is a miracle, walk like you are late for a very important meaning. I started with one mile a day and then gradually got to about 3. Walk with a friend or a dog so you are not bored. DO FUN EXERCISE!!!!! You will lose interest fast if you do something boring. Do squats, crunches, anything, but have fun!

    Best of luck to you and God bless

  5. Kirsten says:

    I joined a free site called sparkpeople. They take a healthy lifestyle approach as opposed to fad dieting. You can enter your current weight, goal weight, how long you want it to take, plus your height, age, etc and it will calculate your calorie range specific for you. It won’t let you enter more than 2 pounds weight loss per week and won’t let you go below 1200 calories per day, since that is unhealthy. You just search for what you ate in their database and it fills in all the calorie info, fat, protein, carbs, fiber, anything you want to track for you. They have meal plans but I prefer to adjust my existing eating habits to fit within the range they gave me. Then I can notice small changes I can make to improve but still eat the things I like.

    I also use it to keep track of my cardio and weight training exercise. They have a huge list of strength exercises with clear instructions and demos (most of them you can do at home if you have a set of hand weights, stability ball, those stretchy bands, or some of them you don’t need anything). You can do the same thing with cardio exercise as with the food, since they have a huge list of activities (walking, running, dancing, tennis, gardening, whatever) and you just enter how many minutes and it estimates how many calories you burned based on your weight, etc. They also have short videos on the site such as office workouts, 15 minute abs, workouts using those stretchy bands or stability ball, and stuff like that. They have a ton of articles about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and there’s lots of people on there to offer support.

    I still can’t believe all the features you get for free. I guess they make all their money from internet ads, which are very unobtrusive and they don’t spam your email address either.

  6. tothebatmobile says:

    Try to drink as much water as you can…

    If you can drink about 2 glasses every hour after school it will help to flush all the extra fats out of your body.
    Ice Water is also excellent, the body needs to rise the temperature from 0 to 37 and in doing this needs to use energy, you lose about 10 calories for every glass of ice water, and if you can drink about 4 glasses of ice water and 4 glasses of normal water youll lose about 60 calories from that a day. 60×30 is 1800 Calories in a month.

    In a year thats about 30 pounds…. 🙂

    Drink more water…

    Also try to walk alot, i know youve heard this everywhere, but buy a pedometer and aim for around 10000 steps a day, on a normal school day, this is pretty easy..

    If your into it, have some fun and dance! This burns about 300 calories an hour… Its good fun too 😛

    You could also take a job delivering catalogues, this way you get alot of walking done and your also earning money:P

    And you sorta have too watch your diet, lollies are OK but not too many, they have alot of sugar and if your inactive its just fat…
    But you must make sure you dont eat any fast food, well not more than twice a month.

    If your very desperate, go for the intensive excercise, its hard but is the fastest way to lose weight.

    Anyway, good luck 😛

    P.S –Drink more water 🙂

  7. want2knowsoon says:

    First of all…
    lets be realistic. You say you do not have the time or the money to go to the gym. You say that you do not like the gym. Not liking the gym is completely fair. Not having the money to go to the gym….that is also completely fair. But not having the time? Well, in order to lose weight, you need SOME extra time to get some exercise in.
    Since you say you are more interested in reasonable lifestyle changes rather than a diet- this is awesome. A great step and a good indication that you will probably lose this weight.

    First. Get a small notebook. Put it in your purse. Write down everything you eat and how many calories it had in it. This may require measuring out your cereal or your meat to understand portion size. You must write down EVERYTHING- even that cookie you took at work…..this may seem really time consuming or tedious, but if you dont know what you’re eating, how can you change your diet and really really be sure that you have reduced your calories.

    Second. You need some exercise. You say that you dont have time- thats fine, maybe you dont, but first take an honest look at how you spend your time. Is there any type of leisure activity such as watching TV that you could cut down on?
    or…maybe you really dont have time – you have work, school and kids or something….then we need to work on adding exercise into your daily routine. Think of it like this. In order to stay alive, you need to eat, drink water, sleep and EXERCISE. You make time to sleep. You make time to eat. now you need to make time to exercise by making it a priority- by knowing that you will live longer, be healthier and have more energy.

    Try these tips:
    park at the far end of the parking lot EVERY TIME.
    dont have many goceries? ditch the cart and carry the bags back to the car.
    stairs. take the stairs…all the time.. forget about the crowded elevator…and more often than not, if you take the stairs enough, you will start to be faster than the elevator….thus saving more time.
    any time you are watching TV or something, DO sit-ups. Do push-ups, do tricep dips, do something……just stay active…..

    It will be really hard to get used to, but with a little work, you should be fine. I also found this cool article on weight loss:

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