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Question by 1: Weight Loss?
I want to lose weight (about 35 pounds) at 5’4 so I can be 100. I’ve been trying to lose weight for about 3 years, and I feel that I have ruined my life constantly trying and not doing anything with my life because if my weight isn’t good, I don’t feel comfortable doing anything. Still, I don’t want people to think that I’m doing it for attention since it will be a great loss. I’m embarassed by what people may say, even though this is what I want. I think this is hindering my progress. Advice?

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Answer by Cordelia_Violet
First off, the normal weight for someone your height is roughly 120-125 lbs. I think you might be taking this too far. You should concentrate on eating healthy and exercise, not weight loss.

Unfortunately, I sometimes don’t like to do things when I am unhappy about my weight. But, you can’t rely on weight and looks to gain your self-esteem. You need to focus on your thoughts and other achievements. If you do get down to 100 lbs, something else will pop out. You might want to get down to 90, you might want surgery, etc. You need to really find other ways to be happy.

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  1. late.dawns says:

    100 pounds is a bit underweight for you height. Like it was said above, you should focus more on eating healthy and you should really try joining a gym. I love going to the gym because working out really lifts up the mood. If you work out early during the day, most times you’ll end up feeling refreshed and jovial for the rest of the day. Cardio workouts also help you lose weight because they burn a higher amount of calories. I say, you should definitely try joining a gym.

  2. Michael J says:

    5’4″ average healthy weight is around 115 – 125.

    However, two things are essential to you speeding up your metabolism.

    1) Regular exercise to burn more calories per day than you are currently (if already exercising regularly, then more cardio should be applied)

    2) Eat a balanced and healthy diet of the right food combinations. I suggest the Nutrisystem diet to people without dietary education or experience because they will teach you about what foods you should be eating to you while you’re in the program and why…

  3. CHRIS W says:

    It seems to me that you have anorexic tendencies! My wife battled with anorexia nervosa when she was young. You have to be happy with yourself first. I am a big guy trying to lose weight and it is a battle. I am very happy with myself however I want to be healthy for my wife and kids. Most of all for myself! My wife is your height and has had several children and is about your weight. She thinks she is fat, she looks fantastic and is not fat by any stretch of the word. She does not have a weight war, in turn she has a mind war. I always tell her eat healthy and exercise if your body decides to lose some weight then so be it. Some day your youth will be far behind you and you will wish that you enjoyed your youth to it’s fullest include your physical youth. I hope you come to realize that your battle is not with your weight, it is with your mind. Good luck and God bless!

  4. Happy Go Lucky says:

    will you be interested in solving youe weight loss problem & at the same time help others (as well as make some earning) in doing so?


  5. Troy says:

    “I’m embarrassed by what people may say, even though this is what I want. I think this is hindering my progress. ”

    That is a good start.. First start eating right.. You can start eating healthy food, fresh fruits, drinking water, real juices..
    I do not agree with dieting to lose weight.. Always aware of what you have in your food..(fat?, protein?, etc)
    You need to change your eating habit..It should not be temporary….

    Take some classes from a local fitness center like spinning classes, etc.. Make them part of your life..


  6. fungifoe says:

    The key phrase is “trying to lose weight”
    There is an awful lot of psychology involved in the weight loss cycle. From the viscious circle of comfort eating because you feel fat and not wanting to excersise for fear of looking stupid.
    The first thing is to realise that other people have been in your exact position. Read some success stories!!!!
    It is completely in your own hands – dont “try” to lose weight, actually lose weight.
    Firstly buy an item of clothing that is one size too small for you.
    From now your goal is not to watch TV or feel sorry for yourself – it is to wear that item of clothing.

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