Q&A: WEIGHT LOSS?????????????

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Question by : WEIGHT LOSS?????????????
Ok, so I’m 15 and around 5′ 5″ and i weighed like 140 pounds. Then i lost like 15 pounds and now i weight around 127pounds… Is this a good weight or do I need to loose more weight!? My boyfriend says I’m not fat and all that but he can hardly carry me..and that embarrasses me!! HELP?!?

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Answer by Laura
Asked a question similar to that and everyone said that it’s what’s on the inside that counts

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2 Responses to “Q&A: WEIGHT LOSS?????????????”
  1. rakshay b says:

    Get Help with Big Google.

    Just find with your query how to loss weight in google search…you will get your best solution…

    Good Luck..

  2. Mitchell says:

    it seems to me like your a little to lazy to google your question so just search http://weightlose4idiot.blogspot.com

    it’s already answered for you 🙂

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