Q&A: Is this an effective weight loss program for cold weather?

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by fernashes

Question by Paul: Is this an effective weight loss program for cold weather?
It is cold out. Very cold. I can’t run outside without my lungs bursting from the freezing temperature, thusly I have come up with this work out program to do everyday:

Jumping Jacks for 10 minutes straight
90 push ups
30 sits up
Jump Rope for 5 minutes

Will this be effective for weight loss until it warms up?

Best answer:

Answer by tiny
It sounds like a good workout to me…. you can also get some DVDS that will get you up and moving. I like the ten minute pilates solutions DVD and I like the old 80s aerobic DVDs

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Is this an effective weight loss program for cold weather?”
  1. Armbeiter says:

    This might be ok but you can run outside in the cold weather just bundle up, I run 2.4 to 3 kilometers or more almost 3 times a week all season including winter!

  2. Nicole R says:

    Zuzana on youtube is the BEST in terms of home workouts. Plus she has over 400 videos! I love being a bodyrocker so maybe you should check her out. Type in charliejames1975 also her site is bodyrock.tv

  3. Anne Caley says:

    To lose weight at any age, you need to be in healthy limits of caloric intake; vigorous and lengthy exercise at least 30 minutes a day (50% – 80% maximum heart rate) will help burn calories that you take in. The most important thing about exercising in cold weather is staying warm. A runner should consider consuming a diet which is approximately 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. In addition to following this combination, the runner should also ensure the carbohydrates are coming primarily from whole grains, the proteins are consumed from lean protein sources and the fats include mostly unsaturated fats.

  4. Chemist Direct says:

    As far as the losing weight is concerned during the winter it is one of the toughest things to do because in a normal season it usually takes around 30 minutes of workout to warmup your body after which you tart burning fat but in winter the warm up exercise should be of around 50 minutes so that after which your fat starts burning and you can loose off some weight.

  5. Scarlett Murray says:

    This may help

  6. Jonathan says:

    any kind of exercise is good for weight loss.. just do it regularly.. hope this helps

  7. Belinda says:

    Exercise alone is never a good way to lose weight because it just doesn’t burn enough calories. And contrary to what exercise machines may tell you, you cannot get into a “fat burning state” after 20 minutes of exercise. What and how you eat is the key to getting into a fat burning state.

    Read about exercise and weight loss:

    However, if you want to exercise to for health and strength, that’s a good thing. Here are some at-home workouts that might help. I like the Moms Fitness when I have only 20 minutes to work up a sweat (and you don’t have to be a mom to do it):

    And here is an easy way to keep your metabolism high by eating 6 times a day in an EASY way. This is very important in the winter.

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