Q&A: How weight loss effects tattoos?

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Question by : How weight loss effects tattoos?
I am trying to lose quite a lot of weight at the moment, and I have got a few tattoos and am planning on getting a good few more. I’ve heard that weight loss can effect the look of tattoos – can anyone tell me how they change? do they stretch? do they crumple? does it only happen in some parts of the body like the most fatty parts? Thankyou!

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Answer by William
yes depending on where tattoos are the will shrink as your skin shrinks from losing weight and the opposite is also true, they will stretch as your skin stretches out

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2 Responses to “Q&A: How weight loss effects tattoos?”
  1. Marie says:

    it depends on where they are and how much weight you lose. i had a friend who had one around her belly button and then she got pregnant. it stretched out a lot and even though her stiomach is flat again, her tattoo still looks nasty and stretched out. i have one on the back of my shoulder and one below my ankle bone on my foot. i’ve lost like 50 pounds since i’ve had them and they’re fine, since you don’t really lose fat from those places. i currently want another one on my side, but i’m waiting until i lose all the weight first…it’s how i’m bribing myself to stay on my diet and exercise routine 🙂 good luck!

  2. Ken says:

    It depends on the place where tattoo is. If it is on a fatty part (mean the area contain fats) then It will look not well.

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