Q&A: How to maintain weight after weight loss?

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Question by jane doe: How to maintain weight after weight loss?
I’ve reached my weight loss goal and i wanna maintain my weight now. I currently weigh 95 lbs at 5’1. I do 60minutes of cardio 5 times a week and 2-3 times of strength training a week. I do yoga too! I used to take in 1200-1400 calories when i was dieting. Should i increase my calorie intake if i wanna maintain my weight now? Should i reduce, maintain or increase my workout routine? Help please, thank you!

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Answer by ykykyky
congratulations! your workout routine sounds kind of extreme. maybe you could reduce your cardio, but keep the yoga because it’s VERY good for you, and will probably help keep your body balanced as you’re trying to maintain the weight (does that make sense?). reducing your cardio maybe to 30 minutes 3 times a week could probably help you not lose anymore weight, if you keep the calorie intake the same. if you like exercising that much, then you should probably eat more, but i’m not sure how much more? it depends how much calorie loss is happening in that cardio.

EDIT: in regards to eating how much you’re burning, you have to calculate more than just what you’re burning while exercising. even sleeping and having sex makes you burn calories…if you only eat what you’re burning during your formal exercise you will lose weight.

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  1. colmenar says:

    Adjust your diet and exercise until you are no longer loosing weight or gaining. A good rule is always check the fat content of what you are about to eat. Never eat more than 50 grams of fat a day. Sensible eating and moderate exercise is the answer. Good luck.

  2. wholy w says:

    if you are trying to main tain your current weight, you need to eat the same amount you are burning. calculate how many caloreis you are burning and eat that same amount;

  3. Tracy J says:

    If you are not active 1235 to maintain
    1425 for moderately active
    1615 if you are very active
    1900 if you are extremly active

    Hope that helps.

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