Q&A: How many carbs should I intake a day to see fast weight loss results?

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by jackiebese

Question by TheOfficeIsLove: How many carbs should I intake a day to see fast weight loss results?
I’m 5’7, 164 lbs and watch what I eat. I work out 30-45 mins 6 days a week, but i’m not seeing weight loss as quickly as I would hope to. How many carbs should I intake to maybe reach a 4-5 lb weight loss goal per week? Also what are some good foods with low carbs?

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Answer by jimmymae2000
Zero Carbs. it’s called Dr. Atkins diet. You can loose 1/2 lb per day, read the book.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: How many carbs should I intake a day to see fast weight loss results?”
  1. Kyle says:

    The Atkins Diet is the worst idea. All it does it make you lose water weight which is gained back as soon as you go off of it. It is only ever good for models trying to look defined before a photo shoot, it is in no way a healthy permanent way to lose weight. Your diet should actually contain about 60% carbs in order to maintain the energy you need for your workout. I would recommend increasing your workout to at least an hour of strict cardio to give you the fastest result, while staying healthy.

  2. raea says:

    Maybe you can find the informations you need in my source:
    It called EODD,it’ s about calorie cycling.It’s broken down into “burn days” and “feed days”. During the burn days, you eat only 30-50% of your maintenance caloric intake. During the feed days, you consume up to 150% of your maintenance caloric intake. You are allowed to eat the foods that you like on these days as long as the portions are controlled.
    So you can still eat your favorite food and still maintain your ideal weight.

  3. MIchael says:

    Stop….before you try any programs you should know a few things about food. One is where the food you eat falls on the glycemic index. This is important for your body to function correctly. Usana Health Sciences has a product called Reset, this product has a weeks worth of meals to reset your bodies sugar levels and a complete meal plan for after the first week. It is awesome and worked well for me.

    There is also a great supplement called Acai Berry Select, this will also help you jump start your weight loss. This product gives you a month supply for free as a trial. I added this to the reset and wow did it work. After the first month if you want more of the Acai Berry Select it does cost, but they don’t require you to keep going after the free trial it is all up to you

    I hope this helps and good luck in your adventures

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