Q&A: How does sugar free candy affect your health and weight loss?

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Question by : How does sugar free candy affect your health and weight loss?
Although sugar free candy is a healthier alternative than regular candy, can eating a few pieces a day be bad for your health? If consumed in moderate portions can it slow your weight loss progression?

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Answer by gainesandburnes
No. Some will argue the ingredients cause other issues(cancer) but it is not going to stop you from losing weight. If the candy is high in fat than it will.

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8 Responses to “Q&A: How does sugar free candy affect your health and weight loss?”
  1. Dr. Saugat says:

    Regarding this, you can find your entire information in:

  2. trudy b says:

    sugar free candy has just as many calories than regular candy and its is sweeten with artificial sweeteners, which cause cancer and other problems.
    but in the end it comes down to your calorie consumption. you could be eating 1200 cals of candy and still lose weight. if your bmr(basal metabolic rate) is higher than that ofcourse

  3. Donnao says:

    It can give you the runs! Otherwise it is fine.

  4. sevenseven says:

    If it’s not sugar what makes it sweet? If they are some fruit sugars, ok.

  5. great ideas says:

    I think No. It can not affect your weight loss method. But if your on fast metabolism technique then you can eat what ever you want because it the food that you will taking in it will turn to energy!.

  6. Martin Coleman says:

    no! 🙂

  7. Squareface says:

    Think twice before taking these sugarfree candies. “Artificial sweeteners can cause dangerous toxic reactions in the human body”. Scientists beleive that “when a sweet taste primes the body for a calorie delivery that doesn’t occur, the body craves for even more sweets.” This can backfire by triggering artificial hunger, just like other artificial sugar substitutes, hence undermining the purpose of losing weight.

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