Q&A: How can i convince my girlfriend to have weight loss surgery without hurting her feelings?

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by jackiebese

Question by Mr.Bentley: How can i convince my girlfriend to have weight loss surgery without hurting her feelings?
My girlfriend is overweight and i can tell she’s very insecure about her body.I want to try and convince her to get weight loss surgery but i don’t want to seem mean or that i only care about her weight.I am not attracted to skinny size 2 type girls but i am attracted to girls with curves kinda like Jordin Sparks size.How do i talk to my girlfriend about getting weight loss surgery or just losing weight the old fashion way without making her feel bad?

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Answer by [MiS.SANtOS]
you can start going to the gym and ask her to join it with you after awile.
that way you guys can both be doing it. and she wont feel like your sending her to the gym

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6 Responses to “Q&A: How can i convince my girlfriend to have weight loss surgery without hurting her feelings?”
  1. Jean says:

    if she likes her body so you should like it too ,,plus having a surgery is too dangerous because i know many people have died from this surgery so you should first know the risks then ask her to do it 🙁

  2. shawn says:

    I would not advise her to get the surgery unless she is morbidly obese.There are a lot of things that can go wrong with that kind of surgery,life threatening things.Be straight forward with her and show her some facts about how being overweight can lead to other health problems and shorten her lifespan.If she isnt trying to hear that or listen to you you might have to make it clear that you need a person in your life that cares more about their health…

  3. Alicia C says:

    I would wait for her, if she does, to perhaps complain about her weight and all that. Then take the opportunity to talk her into exercising with you and help her on her way about feeling better about herself. That will sound a lot more caring than “Why don’t you go get that taken care of by a surgeon?”

  4. pounch says:

    just get her to work out with you.my friend Always tell me that i am to small for him. and it hurts me so bad. he wants me to gain. but i have always been a small person.i have been eating. but i can’t gain. .it make me feel that he dose not love me anymore.and that he want someone other than me.well i am small but i have nice curves.i can also name a lots of things that don’t make him hot. but i don’t care because i love him. anyway good luck.

  5. K L says:

    You can’t. If she’s already insecure about her body, you adding to it by telling her YOU want her to lose weight will be devastating. Choose dates that are active–hiking, rollerblading, taking walks together. Make healthy choices when you’re choosing a place to eat with her, and eat healthy yourself. Don’t expect her to have a salad while you’re chowing down on a cheeseburger. Make healthy choices a part of your life together, and if she really does need to do something as drastic as weight loss surgery, let that be between her and her doctor.

  6. Zack Lim says:

    I personally think that it is dangerous to go for surgery. You might want to communicate with your girlfriend so that you will know her view on her own weight. It is not healthy to just assume things and it is better to clarify by communicating so that there will be no misunderstanding.

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