Is there a good working weight loss program?

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Question by John H: Is there a good working weight loss program?
Someone very dear to me has recently commented on her own weight and asked me to help her to work out when she doesn’t want to, and to basically be a coach to help her and with right selling side her. I need help though, I need good weight loss supplements and a rigorous schedule. Any working supplements in mind?

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Answer by viennz_xoxo
There are thousands, hundreds of thousands of weight loss programs and diets out there.
You could say that some of them work, but the majority are short term solutions and deprive you of essential nutrients and water. They seem to work amazingly well but the moment you stop this program or diet the weight piles back on in the blink of an eye.
Most are very expensive too.
I believe the safest, cheapest and most effective solution is the simple ‘burn more calories than you consume’ method. Don’t settle with a drastic diet where you starve yourself. Start out small and slowly lower the number of calories you intake per day. An easy way to do this is cut out all drinks other than water. Soft drinks, sport drinks, energy drinks, tea and coffee all contain high amounts of calories that are pretty much a waste so you might as well save those calories for your food.
Eat healthy foods! Control your portion sizes and don’t deprive yourself of the foods you love. Just have them OCCASIONALLY and in SMALL portions!

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch there are some really great apps that help you contol your calories and have great facts about food and energy. Some of my favourites: ‘MyFood’, ‘Snack App’, ‘MyFitnessPal’, ‘RunKeeper’ etc. There’s loads out there!
Hope this helps.

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2 Responses to “Is there a good working weight loss program?”
  1. Ballistic B says:

    supplements? your stupid for even thinking about them..were living species of nature, we eat food and we exercise, living in easy society has made us soft, were not meant to take tiny pills and do whatever we want to lose weight, theres no such thing no matter how many commercials you
    id focus on changing her diet
    let her know that not eating doesnt mean shell lose weight her body will go into starvation mode and start turning muscle to fat in order to burn it off
    she needs to try to eat no greasy foods, way less salt, way less fat, and stay away from starchs
    people think hey whole grain bread its healthy for me, yes it is, but its not Lean for you
    try to get foods in there rawest most natural state, meaning not packaged already made stuff
    go for a high fiber lots of fruits and vegetables, increased protein(lean though, ex. unfried chicken, etc) and alot of water diet, should drink about 4 to 6 water bottles a day, and eat slightly smaller meals 6 times a day to not starve herself and binge and cheat later, instead eat this many times in smaller portions and your metabolism will change and help you lose even more weight. if she sticks to this diet she WILL LOSE WEIGHT. she will. end of story. she has to stick with it though, and if she could exercise too shell Dominate herself into a lean person, this all takes time though, id say about 3 months, its not so bad, and if you get proud of yourself it just solidifies what youve done, and makes you happy to do it, and want to improve even more. now for exercise:
    high intensity interval training,
    i wont go into lots of detail just search interval training and youll find exactly what you need but what it is, is doing cardio at very high levels like as fast as you can almost for short periods of time, not that you can do it for long periods anyway, example: sprint at your level 8 or 9 for a whole minute (after warming up by running for 5) and then rest for a 2 minutes and sprint almost as fast as you can again for an entire minute then rest again..if she does these as just a workout and not her entire cardio, and does about 3 sets of those each time she does them, and does them every other day 3 times a week, shell burn so much fat compared to just jogging, running at that intensity makes your muscles continue to burn calories even when your sitting on the couch! its crazy muscles can Actually burn calories after exercise for like 42 hours after workouts..okay so we talked about interval training, 3 times a week, on days in between those she could just job, cardio is the best way to burn calories, remind her that SHE CANNOT spot train, meaning she cant lose weight on her belly by doing sit ups, shell build muscle under that fat, but fat and muscle are two different things, they can exist at the same time, fat doesnt turn to muscle, and fat doesnt exist more in some places just because you dont exercise them more, yes sit ups burns calories, but its not as great as 30 minutes of your whole body running, your body gains weight in certain places by itself, guys and there stomachs for example, girls and there Ass, and when your burn calories it comes off where it wants to too, usual in the same ratio that it came on, so cardios your best bet, with the cardio and interval training though, not all people can just jump up and do that kind of stuff, is shes way out of shape she could hurt herself, elliptical bikes are good to start out on, biking as fast as possible for interval training, but cardio isnt the only thing, she could do free weights, girls think weightlifting is going to make them buff..doubt it, girls tryign to get in shape dont usually see a huuuge like monumental difference in body shape super suddenly, it takes alittle bit of time, and before they start looking like miss iron america theyll just be building muscle they never had, girls like cameron diaz or jessica biel use weights, they got some muscle! but there lean too..the intensity of lifting something heavy is like interval training and has lasting calorie burning effects, or the low weight more reps is like cardio to your muscles..keep these things in mind..
    you can also try stuff like p90x..comes with diets and everything starts you off slightly easy n if its too hard all you have to do is Try to keep up and keep trying til you can do it..hoped this helped..goodluck..shes just gotta keep going and going thats the most important part

  2. Victoria Landicho says:

    Yes try HCG diet program it works for me you can visit their site at

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