Is the stationary bycicle really helpful for weight loss?

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Question by xtremewiso: Is the stationary bycicle really helpful for weight loss?
I have heard that stationary bicycle are good as a way for weight loss, is it true? If it is can it be used instead of running? I don’t mind cycling 4 hours+. How can something you do with your legs reduce the fat in your belly and your body? Wont it just show my leg muscles?

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6 Responses to “Is the stationary bycicle really helpful for weight loss?”
  1. Nikki says:

    Damn good. For variation, try HIIT workouts. Takes less time. Basically slow/sprint.
    Here’s a link describing it.

  2. FatLossGuide says:

    It helps while you are on the bike by burning calories [directly related to The session]

    Also helps by increasing your BMR if done regularly [this helps even when you are not on the bicycle because you burn fat better]


  3. rt_brit says:

    Anything you do that burns calories and increases your heart rate will decrease fat and weight. The question of bulking up your legs…it will make your legs stronger and more formed but it is a myth that you need a specific type of exercise to lose weight in a specific spot of your body. You can have weight lifting exercises to help tone those muscles, but as far as fat is concerned…calories in need to be less than calories out…simple.

  4. Bob the Boat says:

    Why not go somewhere on a real one ?

    I do, as you don’t have the challengs of headwinds, bumps, hills in an air-con gym.

    Give real life a whirl !

  5. lv_consultant says:

    with the right diet it can be highly effective. the majority of my cardio is performed on a recumbent bicycle. check out the 2 links before for some serious fat burning workouts:

    Max-OT Cardio

    HIIT Cardio

  6. yogaforweightloss says:

    right,care your leg when you cycling

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