How will I know to start a colon cleansing weight loss routine?

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Question by : How will I know to start a colon cleansing weight loss routine?
I’m 35 and kind of overweight. My friend suggested I should think about colon cleansing.

What are the symptoms of a bad colon? Does colon cleansing help weight loss?

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Answer by Js
If you’re a typical american adult, I’m afraid you’re eating foods which by the time you’re 26 will require an complete and thorough colon cleanse. You didn’t state this in your questions, but do any of these sound familiar?

-Loss of energy
-Lack of mental focus and poor memory
-Unexplained headaches
-Bad breath and terrible smelling stools

These are all the symptoms I had when I was on the brink of colon cancer because of the terrible condition my colon was in. Take it from me, you don’t want to be there. You should do two things immediately because your health is in danger.
1.Check this immediately to see if you qualify for colon cleansing weight loss treatment and how it can help you:

2.Talk to your doctor. Don’t wait tomorrow, get an appointment for TODAY. This could be life threatening. I wish you good luck!!

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  1. sjrexx says:

    If your colon is not as healthy as it should be you will feel a lack of energy, some bloat and possible constipation. Mind you, these are not the only symptoms, just a few possible one. The other benefit to a colon cleanse is that you will detox your system and get rid of harmful parasites that may be lurking about.

    Here is a site that I recommend you at least take a look at:

  2. ismail khan says:

    If you currently, or ever have, suffered from constipation, stomach pain, indigestion, or a bloated feeling, you may be surprised that all of these symptoms belong to the same issue. Luckily it is very easy to treat, and can be done without any drugs whatsoever…

    In addition to these symptoms, people in need of a colon cleanse may also see the symptoms of fatigue, hair problems, and skin problems. Simply put, when your colon tries to process the toxins that are in our modern, everyday food, it sometimes can but many times cannot. Because of this, the toxins stay in our colon and get absorbed in our bloodstream and other organs and slowly poison us, leading to some of the symptoms you see here.

    It is recommended that you cleanse and detoxify your body on a regular basis. Even if you’re on a healthy diet, the toxins in the air and in the water from our automobiles and other pollutants can cause the impacted colon as well. Research has shown that these toxins are too numerous and complex for our colon to process on its own, so we must help it by detoxifying.

    When your digestive system, particularly your colon, is healthy and starts processing the toxins it wasn’t able to process before, you’ll start to feel the extraordinary feeling of increased energy and a weight loss of up to twenty pounds. This is because the colon is now healthy and functions more efficiently. Your cells and digestive organs are not trying so hard to clean out the toxins that it cannot process but instead focusing on burning the fat that you want to burn.

    Colon cleansing can help you lose 20 pounds in an instant. Because of its detox capabilities, it will also help you look younger, feel more energetic, ease chronic pain, cleanse your body of harmful waste that it can’t get rid of.

    While there are many colon cleansers on the market, there is only one I recommend. Lucky for you, for a limited time, they’re offering a free trial.

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