How to keep weight loss even after my metabolism has slowed down?

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Question by Marsbar: How to keep weight loss even after my metabolism has slowed down?
I haven’t been exercising as much, because of a couple of recent injuries, so my metabolism has decreased dramatically, because I’m usually so active. I’ve also lost some inches, because I decided to cut out junk food and fried stuff. How would I keep this weight loss even after what has happened to my metabolism?

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Answer by Andy
all you really can do is be careful of what you eat, just stick to a solid health eating plan and you should be on your marry way to staying skinny or getting skinnier whichever one.

also sticking to a plan like the one listed below can help you lose weight even though your metabolism is messed up at the moment. i tried it and lost 32lbs, i’m just telling you what it did for me so hopefully it works for you too. good luck!

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  1. Joshua A says:

    Hope you are ready for a long story, it’s my story.. I cant tell you how much I have lost because I NEVER jumped on scales, and muscle weighs more than fat, as long as I can see the difference and other people are now commenting that I actually have a “hot” body (not to me though, but word gets around in a small town)

    You say your metabolism has slowed down, yet you have lost some inches because you have cut out junk food…
    How do you know that your metabolism has slowed down?
    Does this mean that if you were eating what you normally, that you would not of lost those “inches”?
    Meaning your metabolism is the same as it was.

    In-case your metabolism HAS slowed down read on…

    I used to eat big, I would go back for 3rd’s usually, but seemed to manage keeping the weight off.
    They say fast metabolism, I say f*cking hard work!

    I used to eat and never get full, just kept eating, I don’t know… I’m not a doctor, but I think because I was used to eating so much that my stomach stretched meaning it could hold more.
    The reason I believe this, is because I never got, “fat”, but my tummy was big, sorta like I was pregnant or had a beer belly (impossible cause I don’t drink) but not as bad, I used to suck it in a little all day everyday, so I looked average.

    I think the reason I did not have lots of fat, is because I would kill myself in the gym. The reason I had the belly was because gym does not get rid of food in your gut.

    If you get what I’m saying…

    I had to change,
    A) Cost too much
    B) Sick of holding my tummy in
    C) Sick of eating so much
    D) Personal reasons, such as self esteem (as I said I was not “fat” no-one knew but me)
    E) Relationship reasons which has not worked (cause I work 7 days a week, I assume)

    I am really critical about fat and weight loss pills.
    I like to call them metabolism booster’s… I am on “Thermogen XXXtream”
    I had always done the hard yard slogging it in the gym boxing, running, walking, aerobics… DON’T LAUGH IT WORKS. I don’t believe there is a magical pill.

    I found these tablets called “super hunger busters”, I have seen them at the supermarket but I got them from Chemist Warehouse. They were going on special, so I said “why not?”
    Now let me get this straight, it is not a weight loss pill, it is and appetite suppressant, but it is full of fiber (so it also makes you sh*t sometimes)

    I took 1 more than I was supposed to 2 times a day.
    I ate muesli with yogurt not milk every morning, only a small amount filled me up (still does without the hunger busters)

    Took the tablet before eating a HEALTHY lunch and HEALTHY tea, and only ate one decent serve, if I was still hungry, I would take another tablet and drink a bottle of water as fast as I could.

    I totally cut out fats as much as possible, no butter or margarine on bread, only sprayed oil on non stick fry pan, no cheese, mayo, chocolate (not that I like it) no potato chips etc… =(
    I LOVE POTATO CHIPS, but I said no.

    Kept doing gym as much as I could, mainly endurance stuff because I wanted to lose weight, not put it on with muscle (yet)

    The stomach got smaller, I stopped using the hunger busters, still ate less… So I think my stomach had shrunk. As I said, I’m not doctor I don’t know if that is possible but I gave you my reasons.
    I kept eating healthy, and doing the gym as much as I could, working 7 days a week shift work I only usually manage 2 days a week tops.

    Now, I don’t suck my tummy in, I don’t eat as much, even if I am a little hungry I sit it out or take a “hunger buster”
    It’s a craving, it will pass. Trust me.

    I now do gym for strength and muscle toning, and am starting to get a 6 pack, and looking lean/athletic which is what I wanted, my self esteem is still low but I am happy to see results and proud that 2 of my mates have asked me to be their trainer… that actually made me VERY proud.

    Just last night, some stranger at the the nightclub I work at asked me about my training routine he said you have to be one of the strongest people here, without looking big and on roids. If you check my photo’s which I will be putting on my facebook soon hopefully when I get some, you will see what I mean… I am not huge at all but you don’t want to know about the muscle part…

    Take a metabolism booster/thermogenic then exercise in the morning BEFORE you eat breakfast.
    That’s the best time to exercise to lose weight, for muscle building, late at night is the best.

    If anyone has any question’s don’t hesitate to email me, you can also fine me on facebook and myspace:

    Once again, I am not a doctor… Personal experience, so don’t criticize and say I’m wrong… I never said it was fact.

    Metabolism boosters
    Eat 5-6 SMALL meals a day not that I do (I don’t have time)
    The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.
    Green tea
    There are also supplement’s which are easier…

  2. Ana says:

    Try drinking green tea at least 3 times a day eat your regular sized meals that are healthy, and add a light healthy snack between breakfastast and lunch and btwn lunch and dinner. Like eat an apple, carrots, but what i recomend most is plain broccoli. Broccoli stimulizes your thyroid or liver i cant remember but i ate 2 good sized broccli a day for a week and lost 5 pounds because it boost your metabolism. also depending on your injuries how about lifting light wieghts with your arm or walkin up the stairs a couple of time in the mornin or drink cold water to rev your metabolism

  3. hairloss says:

    This is an important issue and I would recommend the following:

    Do not eat 3 times a day, but spread it out to 4, 5 or even 6 times a day (some meals can be snack size). This keeps your metabolism going all day.

    Try and eat within a 12 hour window – you have breakfast at 7 AM, you have dinner at 7 PM at the latest and do not eat after this hour.

    If possible, try to exercise, talk brisk walks etc – whatever you can do.

    Do eat too much unhealthy food, but do not deprive yourself – that just makes you miserable.

    Ensure you get your vitamins – a daily multivitamin is essential – this can also prevent hair loss, something we see a lot of (you can read more about this at ).

    Check out your BMR (google it to learn about it). It is basically how many calories does your body need very day.

    Weight yourself every day. Your weight fluctuates 2-3 kgs (4-6 pounds) and by weighting yourself everyday, you can catch any bigger weight increase (or decrease) in time

    Good luck

  4. Cristi Marin says:

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  5. Razvan says:

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  6. Night says:

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