How much weight loss is typical while using phentermine?

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by jackiebese

Question by Shano: How much weight loss is typical while using phentermine?
I have recently been prescribed phentermine, at a dosage of 37.5. Has anyone here taken this diet pill, and what was your initial weight loss, over a period of…say like two weeks to a month? just out of curiosity, id like to know what to expect in the first couple weeks to a month.

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Answer by sxynkki
when i fist took it i would loose like 5-6 lbs a week. however after a few weeks( like 7-9) it starts not working as well

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  1. ☆Jacks Mommy☆ says:

    It does continue to work even after 7-9 weeks. I lived in Florida and went to a clinic for weight loss the year before I had my baby and they had phentermine and phendimetrazine which are pretty similar. I lost 8 lbs my first week then 5 my second and a total of 19 in a month. It works really well and fast but you have to make yourself eat so you don’t get the shakes real bad but they give you a lot of energy so don’t take them late at night or you wont sleep. Also try to diet and don’t eat a lot after you quit taking them, your stomach shrinks but if you start eating too much after you quit, then you can gain the weight back quickly. I got pregnant which is why I quit taking them… so I gained weight really quick.
    Good luck.

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