How many steps should I be walking each day for weight loss?

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Question by island_gurl6953: How many steps should I be walking each day for weight loss?
I got a pedometer and lost the little booklet. Im trying to loose weight and I know there is amount steps for weight loss but not sure how much. Also not sure if it is a daily amount of steps or weekly? Im trying to loose about 30 lbs. in like 6 months.

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Answer by Cedric
I’ve been one of those people that were chubby all my life. I tried every diet plan that came along. A couple months ago I saw a friend of mine that I han’t seen in over six months. She had lost over 40 lbs and looked amazing. I started following her plan and I’ve dropped 17 lbs in 3 weeks. You can read about her plan at

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  1. Anita (FitHappyHealthy) says:

    Island gurl, if you’re really interested in losing the 30 lbs there are many much better ways to do it – and quicker at that. Non intensive exercise like walking is pretty useless compared to a high intensity workout like a boot-camp or body weight exercises.

    Are you thinking of doing the walking in conjunction with any other exercise?

    If you would consider an alternative I would recommend that you try this routine:
    5 min warm up
    30 sec sprint at 85% of your maximum
    90 sec walk at 30% of your maximum
    5 min cooldown
    Repeat this 6 times without stopping and you’re done.

    This workout in itself will give you much better weight loss results.
    Obviously – please consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions.

    Oh and the popularly believed amount of steps necessary per day is 10,000.

  2. Joseph says:

    you may want to do a little more than just walking for that kind of goal in that timeframe. if you need ideas for workout routines, check out

  3. Sarah B says:

    maybe about 10,000

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