How many cups of green tea are recommended for weight loss?

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Question by metaphorical silk: How many cups of green tea are recommended for weight loss?
I have heard that drinking green tea helps promote weight loss. I am slightly sceptical though. How many cups a day does one have to drink in order for it to work?

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Answer by SexyTrojan
Green tea does not help you lose weight. If you drink it in massive quantities (10 POTS per day) you will benefit from the antioxidants.

I’d rather take a multivitamin with Vitamin E.

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5 Responses to “How many cups of green tea are recommended for weight loss?”
  1. Molly R says:

    I’ve been trying to drink a lot of it – it’s quite refreshing served cold with mint leave in it. Easy to get carried away with it, really. I keep a 2 litre soda bottle filled with it in my fridge. I am growing the spearmint in a container on my porch.

  2. ravneetdhanjal says:

    Well you should only drink one. You should also drink berry juice in the morniing. Just saying. At least thats what I saw on the Tyra Banks Show. Hope that answers you question.

  3. villazar701 says:

    I read that three times a day will help promote weight loss…

  4. greenwholeness says:

    Green tea is a great antioxidant, but I’m not sure how it would promote wait loss by itself. weight loss is based on soooo many other things. Like how well you are balanced internally. For example is the thyroid working well or is there too much estrogen in the body or is the diet all wrong, you know things like that

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