How long until you see dramatic weight loss in anorexics?

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by jackiebese

Question by : How long until you see dramatic weight loss in anorexics?
Or in just eating a VERY low calorie diet…
I heard you bloat a little in the beginning and lose water weight, but how long until the bloating goes away and your body starts eating muscle and fat and the dramatic weight loss occurs?

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thats what i want to know

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3 Responses to “How long until you see dramatic weight loss in anorexics?”
  1. MW2Freakshow says:

    Dramatic weight loss won’t go in place until your body hits the extreme stage of low energy and calorie intake.

    Anorexia is very dangerous and potentially deadly in some people, don’t try it. It will not go away once you are thin every time you gain a pound you will relapse and it will not stop without help or true dedication.

  2. Rebekah says:

    R U STUPID!!!! Anorexcia isn’t just about losing wieght, it Could KILL U. And don’t tell me u already know and I don’t have to tell either. U should be doing stuff like dat. I’m only 13 and I got more sense den u

  3. Dana says:

    It could take a few weeks, because your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to as much fat as possible to survive. Are you thinking about trying a low calorie diet? If so, I would suggest you not do this to yourself. You could face some very serious side effects, like passing out and going into a coma.

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