How does being sick cause weight loss even if you dont have a fever?

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Question by Gabe: How does being sick cause weight loss even if you dont have a fever?
How does infection cause weight loss? ?
reading up on why im losing weight un intentionally still waiting for the doc though. Starting sunday i ate a lot of food at aparty and didnt gain anything, and its slowly decreasing. not dieting or anything. The infection is somewhere in my urinary tract or gall bladder i believe. It mighit even be an std. Why does infection cause weight loss no matter what you eat?

I dont have a fever though. always below 99 and above 98.
i mean i used to eat even something small and gain weight, no mattter what i eat. Now as of sunday the day i woke up really hurting in my pelvis i still eat and drink like normal and i dont gain weight but i lose weight little by little each day. Havnt changed anything.

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Answer by Lori
There are two major possibilities here.
The simplest is a loss of water weight due to dehydration. We often do not drink as much when we are sick leading to this issue.
The other is a higher necessary caloric intake because your body is fighting off the infection. We usually don’t eat as much when we are sick, when often we need to eat more.

Sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

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2 Responses to “How does being sick cause weight loss even if you dont have a fever?”
  1. Facepeer says:

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    You can balance meals. Try organic products.

  2. julius says:

    1) Dehydration. Fevers cuz you to evaporate more fluids then normal. During sickness, you body works alot harder to fight the infection and more water is lost.

    2)Illness is a catabolic state. When you are ill, your body doesn’t feel hungry and since you need energy to fight the infection off you start breaking down your energy stores like you muscles and fat.

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