How do you get past a weight-loss freeze?

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Question by J Bush: How do you get past a weight-loss freeze?
I’ve been doing the South Beach diet (with exercise), and I’ve lost about 15 lbs over the course of 3-4 weeks. I’ve continued the diet and I haven’t lost any weight in the past few weeks! What can I do to kick start the weight loss again? Should I try a different diet? It’s also not that I’ve lost all I have to lose, I’ve still got quite a way to go before I reach my goal weight. Any suggestions? I’m stuck!

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Answer by KaDM
The initial weight loss you had is due to the low-to-no carb approach of the South Beach diet but after your body has been eating this way for a few weeks, your metabolism will adjust to your new caloric intake and your weight loss will slow or stop. The South Beach diet is designed for the long term but it doesn’t suit everyones lifestyle perfectly, you may want to try a few weeks on a different diet to see what happens.
Green tea has been shown to boost metabolism; if you are happy with your current eating habits, try drinking 2-3 cups a day.
Eating eggs in the morning is also very beneficial for weight loss. It fills you up in the morning, kick starts your metabolism, and keeps you feeling more full throughout the day. Try these morning ideas:
An egg with a slice of whole grain toast and jam
Scrambled eggs with red pepper and green onion in a wrap
Breakfast sandwich with an egg and bacon (or try fried sandwich meat for lower fat like turkey, roast beef, or pastrami).

You may also just be more fit than you used to be!! Try increasing the speed on your treadmill or doing more reps of exercises.

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