How do weight loss pills work? Is it safe to use them for weight loss?

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Question by Sophie: How do weight loss pills work? Is it safe to use them for weight loss?
I’m 14 and I’m 4’6 and I weigh 68 pounds. I’m a competitive gymnast and fat is really not good so I need to lose weight. Some of the girls on my team use weight loss pills, and they say they work really well. Oh and also are they expensive? Do you need a prescription?
Exercise and diet aren’t the problem. I train 6 hours a day and eat about 1300 calories.

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Answer by Brittney 😀
It really depends on what you’re using. As long as you eat right and exercise they work pretty well.

You can get them at a lot of Drug Stores, but I’m pretty sure they don’t sell them to anyone under 18.

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2 Responses to “How do weight loss pills work? Is it safe to use them for weight loss?”
  1. Kelly T says:

    The obvious way to burn fat is to consume less food and move more, the difficulties appear when we in reality aim to put that into practice! There are a lot of temptations in the big wide world don’t you think?! I found some splendid help by reading the web resource in the box below, they have a lot of tips, I lost 5 pounds by doing as they advised.

  2. Jon2887 says:

    Great question as most people get the wrong idea about weight loss pills. These pills can be dangerous if used in excess, however if used according to directions you can lose weight with little to no risk. Pills can be expensive, unless you know where to look. About a year ago I had trouble losing weight so I browsed online for solutions and came up with pills. I weighed my options and came up with a pill called Proactol. It’s cheap and effective. I’ve included a link in my sources.

    Good luck!

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