How do vibrating weight loss machines work?

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Question by Jennifer: How do vibrating weight loss machines work?
Ok I would really like to know how getting shaken makes you loss weight? because it seems like a scam to me.

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Answer by SethSpeaks
It is a scam. It doesn’t make you lose weight.

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  1. Black Beauty says:

    There was a 6-month study done in 2009 that can be found in Science Daily concerning vibrating plate weight loss machines. They apparently concluded that along with a healthy diet and with aerobic exercise, vibrating plate machines can be used to replace weight lifting. That’s something to consider if you have problems with joints or arthritis, I guess. To get an in depth understanding of the study, read the link below and make up your own mind about it.

    I also did some research on who Science Daily is because you have to consider who the source of the information as well. Apparently, Science Daily has been online since 1995 and is a part of I-Village which is also a well respected source for consumer information, so this information seems to be credible.

    I hope this answers some questions for you.

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