How do vibrating weight loss machines work?

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Question by Genny: How do vibrating weight loss machines work?
Ok I would really like to know how getting shaken makes you loss weight? because it seems like a scam to me.

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Answer by Nixesha Oblivion
They don’t.

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2 Responses to “How do vibrating weight loss machines work?”
  1. †X€NØNN† says:

    all those machines do is wobble the fat around, they do not work in the least, and have no scientific proof to do anything besides look silly.

    there are a lot of scams. most anything you see on these tv shows is a scam .

    the way you can tell is if they say:

    ” you can loose weight while watching tv!”
    “you don’t have to do anything, and your muscles will grow bigger! and you will be leaner!”
    “this will give your muscles a workout while you comfortably do other things”
    and my favorite ” this will melt away the fat!”

    by this
    those vibrating machines don’t work at all.
    those electric shock belts and whatever Do not work
    those sauna belts do not work ( fat gets burned by your body, not melted by heat)
    those sauna suits that look like garbage bags also do not work,
    and if not used properly can maybe even kill you! or at least get you in a hospital
    those shaking weights ( dumbbells) also do not work
    those tight pants that supposedly do something also don’t work ..

    don’t know if i missed anything.
    if you want detailed explanations on why each of them does not work, just ask me 😛

    other then that watch this video:

    >>>> <<<< . . .

  2. Nicholas . says:

    This product is amazing! It creates an unbalanced environment for you to stand on and workout. Your core would be activated just by trying to balance yourself on the wonder machine that helps you burn 1000kcal per hour. Perform a bicep curl on the machine and you’re working both your biceps and core intensely!

    Nah, its doesn’t work. You’re better off hitting the gym, lifting weights, running on the treadmill or even brisk walking! Get a good training program (weights and cardio) with a healthy and balanced diet plan for yourself and you’d lose weight in the healthiest manner.

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