How do indigestion tablets aid weight loss?

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by jackiebese

Question by Lauren L: How do indigestion tablets aid weight loss?
I’ve heard of people taking them to aid weight-loss but i’m not sure how it works. It sounds stupid but are they taken after eating to avoid calories being absorbed? Also what are the side effects if any and can you OD on them?

Please don’t tell me to eat healthily or exercise.

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Answer by Dr. L
the only thing I can think of is that those tablets reduce stomach acid…reduced stomach acid perhaps reduces the activity of proteases in the stomach so less food is broken down as it enters the intestine…plausible I don’t know if it is accurate

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2 Responses to “How do indigestion tablets aid weight loss?”
  1. missgmc says:

    Indigestion tablets can’t aid weight loss. Their other name is ant-acids because they neutralise excess acid being formed by the stomach that is escaping back into the “food tube” (oesophagus) and causing the indigestion or heart burn.
    The potential side effects list can be quite long, depending on which brand you buy. It should say on the box they come in. Mine have warnings of not to be taken if there are any existing problems with blood pressure or certain heart complaints, not to be taken if there are any kidney problems. They are also no good if you have to have a low sodium diet, and some have E numbers in as colourants that could cause asthma.

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