How do I start a jogging program for weight loss?

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Question by ADKR: How do I start a jogging program for weight loss?
I am a 20 year old college student going into my 3rd year. I have been eating poorly and not exercising very well since I have been here. I just moved into a new apt. where I can make healthy meals now. I started jogging and walking today and only made 15 min. Any suggestions on how to improve? Or any other weight loss tips? Also I am not overweight, but i could def lose a few.

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Answer by kiron_maiden
well!! i can surely help you out!

jogging needs a lot of stamina, and for that healthy meals isn’t just enough! increase water and protien intake! and a bit of carbos is required too.

early mornin joggin wil be fine, and a little bit of night walk after dinner will give better result!

15 mins is pretty less, start up with half an hour and you’ll gradually feel like increasing 😉 cause ofcourse u’ll get passion soon!! 😉

and one more thing!!

for greater stamina and higher protien intake,,
please try taking whey protien with milk evry morning! and you’ll never go tired tho whole day!

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