How come weight loss programs and dieting programs don’t work?

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Question by behappi☺: How come weight loss programs and dieting programs don’t work?
I’m currently doing an assignment for health class and the question is, well, the title of this question — “How come weight loss programs and dieting programs don’t work?” I mean things like Weight Watches, Jenney Craig, etc.
I’ve tried Google but nothing so far.
Thanks in advance!
Lol, Barbra, you helped a lot(: Thanks!

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Answer by !cheer! babe
idk srry

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5 Responses to “How come weight loss programs and dieting programs don’t work?”
  1. K Kk says:

    because it’s a money grabbing scam for people unhappy with themselves

  2. Barbra says:

    Ok now hear me out….i think the reason they dont wor is because…THEY DONT WANT PPL TO LOSE THE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF!! reason being is because then they wont be as sucessful at sellin thier product!they want people to be fat and they know if there is somthing out there that works there goes thier bisness..cause ppl would do it lose it and leave it at that would be no more money for all this bs thsey come up with!i think they make stuff to help you loose a little weight but then u will gain it all back and come back to ther product!cause u will think “while on jenny craig diet i lost weight” and u will go purchase whatever again to see a lil results…am i making any sence??lol just my opinion!! hope it helps ;)………………………. im not to good at sayn what i mean lol so i hope u understood what i was saying…glad to know it helped…and YW 🙂

  3. Vincenzo Andrews says:

    Hey, this video about weight loss might give you some tips

  4. Donald Carter says:

    hi Barbara,
    Weight Watches, Jenney Craig etc. just won’t work! Why spend your money & time unnecessarily???? If you have seached google you must not have come accross a good weight loss program. But i have one very good program. Great advice, feedback and support. You will lose almost 40 lbs or more in just 3 months. I have achieved that. Just check her (Isabel Da Los Reos)’s program at (Just copy paste) the url to your browser. She is a Renowned certified nutritionist and exercise specialist and i have been successful with her program. And i am sure that it will work for you too. ………Good Luck!………..

  5. Roger Shann says:

    Personally I think a lot of them do actually work. Scientific basis behind some of the best ones is strong. (Forget the extremes diets like Atkins)

    Problem is not with the diet itself but with the people who are following it.
    1) Do they get bored and give up?

    2) Are they actually cheating (in which case they are cheating no body except themselves) In my experience a lot of people who claim to be sticking rigorously to a regime are in fact not!

    3) Why do they do the above? Reason 1 perhaps (boredom) or just plain lack of motivation.

    Again all comes down to the individual.


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