How can you get past a weight loss plateau?

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Question by Kate: How can you get past a weight loss plateau?
I have been steadily losing weight and am 19 lbs. lighter. However, over the past week, I have stopped losing. I haven’t changed my diet. What do I need to do to get the weight loss started again?

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Answer by Tk
Just remain on your diet & stop jumping on the scales every day! You body needs time to adjust to the change. The next time you weigh yourself (or later), you will see a weight reduction. BE PATIENT!

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  1. matthew s says:

    well, that means you have lost all the fat you could by dieting right, now to lose more weight you have to do cardio. like Hill Sprints. or something. Try this

    Sprint 5 laps around your house and add one each day. That will burn the fat away.

  2. Andrew says:

    OK, how to break a weight loss plateau. I’ll tell you exactly how – but first, let me explain why you’re in a plateau right now, because it’s important in the overall scheme of things. Think of the body as an extremely adaptive organism. When you go on a diet, you lose weight initially. Sooner or later, your body adapts to the fact that you’re now taking in less and since the body has a fundamental desire to be in homeostasis (i.e., it wants to stay constant, the same) it will do what it needs to do to adjust and therefore you eventually hit a point where progress is hard to come by. OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us address your question – to kick start your metabolic furnace, try and change things up on your body. Try modifying your diet. Try changing up your workout routine (and if you don’t have a workout routine, add one). If you’ve been focusing on cardio workout regimens so far, then ignore the cardio for a while and hit the weights instead. Basically, do everything that you’re not doing now. This will send your body the message that you mean business, and should get the ball rolling again. Also, you could try manipulating your diet somewhat. Try alternating your caloric intake – “low” and “high” days, to keep your body guessing. Keep me posted on your progress! — ANDREW

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