How can I get out of my LA Weight Loss contract?

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Question by schmitty: How can I get out of my LA Weight Loss contract?
I am disabled with daily severe migraines among other things. I gained 60lbs from predizone treatments, which I no long take. I signed up for this weight loss program and told them I needed it to be contingent upon my health issues. 1 week into the program, my headaches got worse and now after 2 months I haven’t got out of bed. They know this, but they keep putting me on a “HOLD”. I think I over shot this program based on my medical status. I paid over $ 1000 and now I can’t see to get anyone to give me a staight answer on how to get out of the contract. Anyone?

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Answer by Barkley Hound
Did you put the contingency in the contract? If not maybe you can make a cash settlement with them or take a chance, let them sue you, and take it to court.

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