good way to jump start weight loss for wedding?

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Question by ♥: good way to jump start weight loss for wedding?
what is the best way to get in shape for my wedding in April? I wanna lose 35 lbs, 20 minimum… i know diet and excercise are key… and ever since i got engaged, i have dropped alot of calories and i am working out to dance dance revolution 45 min. a day with my fiance…any advice on how to jump kick my weight loss? no pills please. thanks.

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Answer by Cherry Bomb
weight watchers all the way

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7 Responses to “good way to jump start weight loss for wedding?”
  1. Jessica says:

    Just keep on doing what you are doing. 45 min of cardio a day is great. You should throw in some weight lifting. Combining weight lifting & cardio really jumpstarts your metabloism.

  2. tastelykpurple says:

    You have to burn 3500 calories a week to loose just one pound a week. Go to This is a website I use to journal my calories and exercise. Walking 2 miles in 30 minutes plus 30 mins of weight lifting for me burns 600 calories. I do this 6 days a week. I also eat the more caloric foods in moderation. I try not to deprive myself and I have cut out regular and diet sodas all together (I’ve set mini goals). If you want, we can buddy up. My screen name is TasTey on GOOD LUCK! I’m doing the same for May 2009!

  3. ccje says:

    Cut down on carbohydrate. I’m not sure if it works for everyone, but it did for a friend of mine.

  4. jadedwombat says:

    Before my wife and I got married she told me what she wanted for a wedding present – a couple of sessions with a personal trainer so that she could look fabulous in her wedding gown. So that’s exactly what I got her, and once a week for the 3 months prior to our wedding, she’d meet with her personal trainer to tweak her exercise routine for the coming week. It paid off in a big way for her and she couldn’t have been happier. You might want to consider the same as its hard to go wrong with professional instruction!

  5. Silo K says:

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  6. DAN D says:
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  7. Alexandra T says:

    Here is an article called weddings and weight loss:

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