7 Powerful Weight Loss Tips For Teenagers

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Let’s face it. Losing weight is not and should not be that difficult as so many people think.

In this article, I will give you the facts about how teens should lose weight in a safe and right way.

The First thing that should be considered before starting a teenage weight loss program is to consider the basic question: Can dieting Cause Health Problems in Teens?

Well, unfortunately, the answer is Yes!

Dieting can cause health problems in teenagers.Between the ages of 11-18 years, most of the foundation of your adult body frame structure and bone mass is laid down. Depriving your body, at this stage of the essential vitamins and minerals which it requires is a big NO!

Even a short strict diet during this period could lead to long-lasting damages such a low bone density level which weakens your bones in your later years. It can lead to low levels of iron, which may cause anemia. It can impair intellectual performance and much more.There are so many health problems that may occur from teens undertaking diets, that I would not even try to mention all of them here.

So here are some healthy, easy to follow diet tips for teenagers.

1.Don’t Starve yourself.

We often hear about teenagers starving themselves.They want to reduce weight fast in order to look good, at the upcoming party or other social gatherings. They want to lose weight so they are noticed by their friends, or by a particular boy or girl they set their eyes on. So they go and starve themselves until their desired weight is accomplished. What usually happens in many cases, where one decides to starve himself is that one finds himself under an intensive care of a doctor.In extreme cases even hospitalized. Then there is No party, No boy or girl they set their eyes on. What really happens is that they become busy just trying to undo the damage they have done to their body by starving themselves. We must always remember that when we stop eating, we stop giving our bodies the nutrition it requires to be healthy and malfunction will be the end result.

2. Healthy Eating equals faster, long lasting healthier weight loss.

Teenage weight loss should only be considered by consulting your doctor who will recommend a dietitian. A dietitian would be able to recommend a healthy and safe diet which would allow long lasting healthier and easy to maintain weight loss. A healthier and easy to maintain diet will, in the long run, cause a much faster weight loss

3. Eat Healthy!

What Does Healthy Eating Mean? Eating a variety of foods, from the major food groups like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, grains, low-fat dairy.When these foods are balanced in moderate portions then you should get all the nutrition you need.

4. Are there foods that I am not supposed to eat?

There is No such thing. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of high-calorie foods.With moderation, you can eat and enjoy all foods.As long as you are conscious of the amounts of fattening foods you intake, you are alright. When you eat a pizza, put less cheese and more vegetables. Again, a dietitian can truly help you figure these things out.

5. What should I put on my plate?

Be aware that your meals would consist mainly of vegetables and the remaining should consist of equal amounts of carbohydrates foods (rice, potatoes)and protein (meat, eggs).This will keep you on a well balanced, low-calorie diet.

6. When you have a craving for sweets, snack on fruits.

7. Take a walk. Ride a bicycle.

The more physical exercise you do, the more fat you will burn, the faster you will lose weight, the more in shape you will become, the better you will look and not to mention how much healthier you will be.

Weight Loss Tips For People on the Go!

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As anyone who is attempting to lose weight will tell you, it does require a certain amount of time, as well as energy on your part. If you begin with a diet of mostly healthy, low fat foods, along with an exercise routine that you can stick with from day to day, losing weight becomes much easier. However, many people simply do not feel like they have the time necessary to implement these changes in their lives. It would be wonderful if we all had the time and discipline to spend an hour or so, five days a week, in a gym, but when you have a job, kids, and other obligations to meet each day, this option becomes much less likely.

For those of us who do have a very limited amount of time to spare, we can start with a commitment of just 20 minutes of exercise each day. 20 minutes can be squeezed into most schedules, regardless of how hectic, and it will make a difference in your weight over time. Try spending 10 to 15 minutes walking or working out before you go to work, and again after work. You must also figure out a diet that helps you to consume fewer calories.

Another place we can look for ways to sneak in a little exercise is at our work places. Are you desk or chair bound on your job? If so, try some leg and arm lifts when you can. Either of these can usually be done while talking on the phone or during other general tasks as they do not require a lot of concentration or special equipment. If your work place is on a floor other than the first, give your whole body a quick workout by ditching the elevator and taking the stairs. And if standing is an option, this can also burn more calories than sitting all day.

Many of us live close enough to our jobs that we are able to score a great daily workout by riding a bike, or better yet, walking most days. Keeping your activity level up helps you to lose weight easier because you will avoid a sluggish metabolism, which can be brought on by inactivity and tends to slow down the process of losing weight. You can also keep your energy level up by fitting in some activity throughout your day.

Following a healthy diet while you are always on the go can be very difficult. Running through the drive-thru at fast food restaurants is very tempting because it can save you lots of time, but it can also wreak havoc on your health and your weight. A better choice would be to keep the fridge stocked with healthy foods so that you can just grab what you need to pack a lunch to take with you, and do not forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will not only keep you hydrated, but will also stave off the temptation to grab those unhealthy snacks.

And for evenings after work, or even lunch to take with you, it would be a great time saver if you could cook several meals at a time, pop them in the freezer, and then just take one out and throw it in the microwave at a moments notice. Weight loss is possible for anyone, assuming you do not have a medical condition that stands in the way. You will have to make some minor adjustments to your lifestyle, but you will see positive results in time.