Can i prevent getting flabby skin after weight loss?

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Question by abbiedarlin1: Can i prevent getting flabby skin after weight loss?
I’m planning a 100lbs weight loss over the next year or so. I’m scared of getting flappy skin after tho. I’m 20, so i’m still fairly young and should (hopefully) have elastic skin. But just in case, are there any products i can use to make my skin tighter or help prevent the flabby skin and maybe even stretch marks?

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3 Responses to “Can i prevent getting flabby skin after weight loss?”
  1. Blondie K says:

    The best thing you can do is ensure you dont lose the weight too quickly,,ur lucky ur young so ur skin will still have a lot of elasticity.

    Also u gota exercise,,,cardio will lose the weight and weight training will tone the skin while u lose weight.

    Good luck, Im also trying to lose some weight rite now…its really hard but keep ur focus!

  2. curlz7171 says:

    I’ve lost 100lbs. I lost it slowly with a healthy diet and exercised and do a lot of weight training. I have no flabby skin.

  3. newagejobs6 says:

    Just do situps and pushups daily and that will make the skin tighter. As long as you do that during the weight loss period you have nothing to worry about. As long as your not having surgery. Good Luck!!

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