3 things to consider if you want fast weight loss

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3 things to consider if you want fast weight loss

Article by Ms Weight Loss

“Negative” Calorie food

Although all food contains calories, some foods are classed as “negative calorie” because it takes the body more calories to burn off than the food contains. The more you eat of these “Negative calorie foods” the more weight you can lose. However this does not mean you shouldn’t eat in moderation, as it would take 1000’s of a negative calorie food (such as a carrot) to burn off something extremely unhealthy. Below are some examples of negative calorie foods:

Carrots Cabbage Broccoli cucumber garlic celery Green Beans Lettuce Onion Apple Orange Peach Strawberry Raspberry

Over the counter nutrient rich smoothies You can get a lot of tasty smoothies over the counter, whether it’s a freshly made smoothie with fresh fruit or vegetables, or a chocolate powdered protein shake to replace a meal. The main benefits of weight loss drinks are the fact they are quick and easy, simple to make (or just buy one in a shop) and they often have added nutrients too, so you are getting a balanced meal or snack. And the best thing about a chocolate drink, is it’s sweet and tasty and not bad for you like real chocolate! Of course the real thing is good for a treat sometimes.. who can resist!

The great thing about getting a smoothie made is the fact you have no dishes! Also they often have fruit and ingredients you don’t have at home. You can even get chocolate mousse which tastes just like the real thing, and that is an amazing guilt free treat.

Finding something else to live for If you can find something to live for that’s not food, then you’re onto something good. Many people eat because of the pleasure (I call it “living to eat”) and simply overdo it because of that. Causes can involve:

Depression Lack of interests Emotional distress

In the case of depression, seeing a doctor and asking for advice on the situation, and correct medication and regular exercise. Emotional distress is similar, exercise helps and so does counselling before you turn to food! 

Having a lack of interest is one people don’t talk about. When your life revolves around looking forward to your next meal, then you have a problem. If you can find a passion elsewhere, you will be less inclined to think about and obsess over food, as you’re putting your energy into that interest. Sometimes it’s hard to find an interest that’s more enjoyable than eating, but they are out there!

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